Success is filled with many choreographed steps in life...And we use dance as a definite way of expressing hope, healing, and happiness in the course of success.

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Destined to Dance's (D2D) mission is to provide professional dance instruction and inspire an eternal love for dance and artistic expression. These goals will be obtained through innovative choreography, skilled instructors and "healthy habits" for people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities...



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Hero Scholarship

Jocelyn Saldivar joined our Destined to Dance Family earlier this year, along with her sister Julissa. Her first love is Soccer, but she decided to add dancing to her list of talents. Last year, the doctor's found a tumor on Jocelyn's brain. Since then, she has had 6 surgeries. Despite all that she has been through, Jocelyn has been a joy to have since her first day of class. She keeps us all laughing with her jokes and crazy questions. Recently, we have learned that Jocelyn's brain tumor has come back, and she has been unable to continue dancing due to surgery. Jocelyn said that she is happy for her sister to continue dancing until she is able to join her again.

In Jocelyn's honor we have created the Hero Scholarship. This scholarship will aid future students with tuition costs, medical expenses, etc. To donate towards our Hero Scholarship, please click the "donate button".

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In December 2015, Destani was blessed with the opportunity to perform as a back up dancer with Hip Hop Legend Rob Base. Together they continue to perform in multiple cities and arenas all throughout California.

Destani is a hardworking dancer who takes time to not only teach others how to dance, but she also sets aside time to polish and perfect her own dancing technique. In Summer 2016, she attended the Dance Teacher Summit. There she was able to take lessons from world renowned choreographers. She takes every opportunity to share her inspiration and new lessons with her students. A caring heart with a passion for dancing is our founder, Destani Muskelly.

Destani was named by her late grandmother Janawyentha Shippings. She was one of her biggest supporters and constantly encouraged her to be great. Always in the audience, her grandmother would smile and cheer her on from the front row of every show. In 2011 she lost her life to Congestive Heart Failure. Although she is no longer with us, D2D was created in her memory. As our logo and name are symbolic of what she stood for. Love, purpose, and endless possibilities.


Julia has been a faithful member of D2D since the beginning. Every season she shows a tremendous amount of growth. She has been exceling in Ballet, demonstrating grace and dedication. After watching Julia in class, our staff decided to bless Julia with a Pointe Scholarship. Since then, she has not disappointed. Thank you Julia for your commitment to our program. 

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Destani began dancing at the young age of 3. All throughout her school years she was always enrolled in local dance studios and programs, perfecting her technique. Reaching into her high school years she was an active dancer, becoming a top dancer in her class. In her senior year she received a Dance Scholarship. Destani also held the title of being Cheer Captain for 2 years.

After high school, her passion for dance sparked more than ever. She went forth in obtaining an AA degree in Dance from Cypress College. While attending Cypress College Destani was chosen to choreograph a piece in the annual People in Motion dance concert