January 17th @ 7:30pm


January 31st



February 1st

FEE DUE ($50)

February 22nd


Ballet I
This class will introduce students to basic ballet positions and techniques. The emphasis will be on coordination, musicality, and rhythm.

Jazz I
This class teaches basic traditional jazz movements. It includes proper warm-up, across-the-floor progressions, and combinations.

*(Ballet I recommended)*

Hip Hop I

This class will focus on musicality and choreography to develop the dancers’ coordination, rhythm, patterns, and combinations.

Star Gazers (Level I):

My Daughter has been dancing with Ms Destani for about 3 years and she loves it. Destined to Dance Studio is a perfect place for your little one to make friends enjoy dancing ballet, jazz and hip hop. Ms Destani not only loves teaching dance but makes it Fun and exciting! 

-Karol Anaya

My babygirl​ has wanted to dance for Ms. D for two years, and when D2D opened I knew I had to get her over there with Ms. D. If u r looking 4 someone to b honest with u about dance D2D is for u. Here Tha girls r like one big family... Great group of moms and dads and we all help each other out, like a second home...

-Juan Luis Balverde

"My daughter has been a student of the best hip hop teacher ever which of course is the now owner and director of D2D. She can't wait to get her dancing shoes back on and be a part of such a wonderful studio." 

-Angelica Alvarez

Competition Team

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What Clients Say About Us

Legacy (Level II):


"D2D has been everything to my daughter! We are so grateful to be part of something so meaningful where my daughter is inspired and able to utilize and enhance her talents. Thank you D2D for contributing towards making my daughter's dreams come true of being a talented dancer!" 

-Ta'Quonna Lampkins

Our dance team has been competing since January 2018. We have participated in many community events, as well as Regional Competitions. The team consists of 3 parts, Jr. Hip Hop, Hip Hop, and Contemporary. Every member of the team must audition at the end of every season. 

Defining your purpose

​​​​​Baby Dreamers (Ages 3-5):

Destined to Dance Studio Inc.

In this class students will be taught basic ballet positions and arm placements. They will also learn exercises using their gross motor skills.


This class is an introduction to the fundamentals of tap. Basic footwork, musicality, sounds, and rhythm will be taught.

Pre-Hip Hop
Similar to pre-tap,this class is an introduction to basic rhythmic movement. Footwork, musicality, and synchronization are a vital part of this learning technique.

Ballet II
Barre work and floor exercises will be used to to build strength, increase flexibility, and control movements. 

 Jazz II
This class will concentrate on improving performance quality, and performing complex rhythms and patterns. 

Hip Hop II

​This is a high energy class that infuses multiple styles into one. Students will be encouraged to step outside of the box and incorporate their own personality into the movements.